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Sneak Peek - Private Lessons in Lockdown

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Exciting news! I've teamed up with over a dozen amazing women indie authors from around the globe to create a steamy short story collection where all characters find love--or at least lust--during quarantine. Yes, even during a pandemic, love survives.

If you are looking for some quick sexy reads or some new authors, this is the series for you! We will be releasing a new story every 5 days! There are three available right now!

My story, Private Lessons in Lockdown, will be released on July 10th, but you can preorder it right now to make sure you don't miss it. It is the steamiest story I've ever written! ;)

Brock is called to the Principal's office for more than just a meeting.

An empty school. A year of flirting. A need for human touch. When Brock is called to the principal’s office, all of his principles disappear. He can't seduce his boss, but will he be able to resist if she seduces him?

Amanda Kincaid, principal of Deerfield High, has had her eye on the sexy Social Studies teacher for a year. A confident, powerful, no-nonsense leader, Amanda's naughty bits take over her brain when she's around him. Is the mandatory school closure the chance she needs to show Brock she's not only just his boss, but a woman as well?


Read on for a sneak peek into the first few pages.

Part 1: Amanda

Amanda Kincaid, principal of Deerfield High School, didn’t imagine it that time; her social studies department chair definitely rubbed his knuckles against her thigh. On purpose.

For the third time.

She quivered slightly at the contact. Ever since this social distancing mandate started, human touch was at a premium. Especially for Amanda, who was single and alone—something this pandemic painfully reminded her of daily.

Well, except for her cat. And although Scamp was super soft, his touch wasn’t the one she craved. He also left cat hair everywhere.

Her human interaction went from about two thousand faces a day to maybe three on a good day ever since school buildings closed—opting for distance learning to help flatten the curve of the virus—about a month ago. Quite an adjustment for a people person like her.

So, she’d called this in-person meeting with Brock Richards out of desperation for some face-to-face interaction. And right now, there wasn’t anyone else she’d rather see in person than Brock. Not only was he sexy as hell, but he always smelled delicious—musky and masculine. That just didn’t translate through an online video chat. Neither did the mosaic of his steel blue eyes.

When she suggested they meet in person, Amanda prepared herself for Brock to refuse. There really was no reason he had to come to Deerfield High School, where they both worked, to go over the schedule for next year. In fact, she’d met with all the other Department Chairs via video chat to discuss this very thing.

But having Brock all to herself in the empty building proved too enticing. She’d been having fantasies about what they could do on her desk ever since she hired him at the beginning of the year. Totally inappropriate fantasies since she was his boss, but that just made her daydreams—and night dreams and wet dreams—all the more naughty and appealing.

Their interactions started innocently enough. They would cross paths in the hallway sometimes or at staff meetings. As department chair, and part of the leadership team, Brock had legitimate reasons for emailing her or visiting her office.

She’d noticed, though, that for the last few months before they closed schools for quarantine, the reasons he’d stopped by her office were often ones easily resolved via email. She one hundred percent didn’t mind seeing him in person, however. And she refused to believe she was overthinking his attention. That didn’t help fuel those fantasies.

She couldn’t get in trouble for just thinking about a subordinate, right?

To be continued in Private Lessons In Lockdown

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